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How can I prevent my skin to get new moles on my face and body?

I protect myself from the sun. What else can I do to prevent it happening?
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How fast are they appearing? Have you spoken to a doctor about this?
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Response by poster: I am not sure how fast - I was never aware before and all of a sudden I came to realization that I have quite a few of them whichever part of my body I look.

GP checked and said they are all benign. I just placed this question in general if there is anything I can do to help to prevent new ones coming?
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I would guess sun exposure has some role.
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If they really bother you, a dermatologist can laser them off.
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If you ask any derm, they'll tell you that it's just a part of aging.
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Sorry, as defreckled pointed out seconds before me, a dermatologist can remove them for you, after telling you that there's really nothing you can do to prevent new ones from forming. I have friends who swear by homeopathic and alternative remedies, but I don't know their true efficacy in actual prevention.
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