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Calling for ideas on what to incorporate into my den/workroom/lair!

Just moved into my new flat, where I have the luxury of having my very own room. It's kinda small, but it's all mine! I have a number of ideas for what I want to do with the space, but I can't possibly ignore the wealth of crazy suggestions available here. The mrs is planning for her room to be a little more traditional, a musicroom/office/guestroom, so I needn't be too practical in my plans, nor should you.

Likes include crafty and techy projects, all forms of gaming from tabletop to videoscreen, computering, reading, toys, pretending to exercise and meditate, hamstering and cocooning.

The room is 4.23 meters by 1.94, here is a layout sketch. That's about 6x14 feet.
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Climbing Wall
posted by bigmusic at 1:13 PM on December 6, 2009

bigmusic: Climbing Wall

Seconded, with the floor covered several layers thick with plastic play balls to land in.
posted by headnsouth at 1:16 PM on December 6, 2009

Definitely a napping couch. Test out as many couches as necessary. Also: really cozy throw blanket for said naps.
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Secret doorway. Pull a book and the bookcase opens revealing mancave...
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Definitely a napping couch.

Full-length of room hammock. It'll become your favorite reading place ever.

You can unhook one end to get it out of the way when using the room for anything else.
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Dorm Room style Micro-Fridge! That or a vending machine that doesn't need money. Where would a person even get one of those?

Secret doorway. Pull a book and the bookcase opens revealing mancave...

I picture a whole wall of bookshelves that look built in but that make the room look 6x8, open the secret door and you have a little room for your napping couch/hammock.

Painting an entire wall with magnetic paint and making a giant memo board would be cool, or you could cover a wall with cork board.
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Seconding the giant memo board idea, in principle. Once I get my own room/office (eventually...) my first acquisition will be a giant whiteboard.
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TooFewShoes writes "That or a vending machine that doesn't need money. Where would a person even get one of those?"

Any vending machine can be set to free dispense. Working used units tend to be expensive because they get used until they stop working. Commercial equipment auctions are a good bet to source one sort of cheap.
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Vintage 80s Upright Arcade Machines don't take up much floor space. Plus they'll get you standing, which is good for leg circulation.

If it simply must be practical, you can always get a table version.
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Definitely a good napping couch. A MAME cabinet would be a fun addition. A couple shelves to hold all your awesome guy stuff (autographed football, GI Joe action figures from when you were a kid, old school computer hardware, etc.). And maybe a lock... just in case... ;)
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My wife feels that a man cave is an essential part of a happy marriage. I have lots of tools that allow me to retire to the man cave and return with repaired items. Got to have a workbench. This will give mrs iteki lots of gift options for you.

The dartboard in the shop is also solid enough to be a knife throwing target and of course there are essential zombie defense items there as well.
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You should have a plant in there. Something happy.
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Judging by your mefi history, I recommend the following things for you:

* Massive Whiteboard. There's lots of guides on making these on the cheap. Someone put together a fairly comprehensive reference of your options here. If you're crazy, maybe have a quality camera pointed at it to take a picture on demand or nightly.

* Workbench. Put a workbench along one wall, and install a solid shelf for an oscilliscope, power supply, and parts. Wall mount a monitor, preferably with both modern and ancient TV input signals for hobby game electronics projects. Or you could steal the idea I saw in the hospital and vertical mount a Thinkpad tablet. Also wall mount a power strip, so it's not on the floor to trip on.... or trip. Get a soldiering iron and breadboard for the table itself, but try to keep the work surface clear. With that in mind find a convenient place to wall hang a clipboard with paper so you can keep them off the table.

* Big ass trash can. Big projects can make a big mess. Just don't leave food waste in there for long.

* Sleeping space. If you go this route, it needs to be comfortable or you'll never use it. Hammocks can be handy if you need space, but YMMV. A sufficiently long couch might do as well with more range. Couches with reclining ends are neat but require clearance space behind the couch for full effect, and you may not have enough room for a full recline.

* Musical Instrument. Keep a corner for your weapon of choice. Bonus points if it needs an amp. Triple bonus if you build your own fuzz pedal ;)
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Gonna say home recording studio. Big table to play games on. Singl flat bench with several sets of dumbbells.
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Hate to mark anyone as a best answer, cos they are all great, but I did have a few superfaves here! Plan at the moment is wall of magnetic whiteboard paint, with climbing grips on, some sort of superheroine mural on the wall opposite the door. There will be a long bench with shelving and storage, and a hole (with a flush mounted lid) leading to the enormous trashcan. Napping needs will be taken care of on numerous planes, a single bed-on-legs made up like a sofa, in the "office space" under that one of those 2-inch thick cellplast mats for "meditation", as well as a fatboy style beanbag, and The Recliner. I really want to make room for a mame, I have been planning one for years, but I might have to make some sort of hideaway variant.I am intending on putting a decent sized monitor on an arm so I can use it in various positions, and will of course incorporate hands-free control to the puter/server, cos sometimes you're covered in epoxy, you know? I am also going to try and make a fold-out/drop-down/something tabletop as wide as the room for tabletop gaming nights. Thanks to all for inspiration! Will update in the future with photies.
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Oh, that reminds me. My old dorm RA had a loft with a winch, so it could rise to the ceiling during the day. I think he had a couch underneath? Engineering dorms always have crazy shit in em.
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