Legend of Zelda in MIDI
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I need help to create the Legend of Zelda "get item" sound in MIDI

I am working on a robot that is capable of creating MIDI songs and I want it to make the sound of when you get an item in the traditional legend of Zelda games.


I cannot find the notes or a MIDI guide, all I find are downloads and playback of the actual sound clip. Help please :-)
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Is this what you're looking for?
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Response by poster: I am not looking for the MIDI itself, I am looking for the notes. Sheet music would be good as i can translate that to MIDI when i program the robot. The issue is I need to manually program each note and the length.
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Best answer: The notes are Ab Bb B C, in what sounds like parallel fifths.
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Response by poster: Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
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You can open it in a program like Music Master Works that turns midis into sheet music (more or less...).
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No disrespect, Aquaman, but while your roots are right, the harmony intervals aren't parallel fifths. The last chord I believe is a C dim, spelled C, Eb, Gb.
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Sounds to me like four major chords, ascending chromatically, from F major to G# major, all in root position with possibly more than an octave between the one and five, certainly in multiple voices (instruments).
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