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I'm looking for as wide a variety as possible of Israeli music (in Hebrew).

I'm plodding along in my Hebrew studies, making pretty decent progress lately, and am to the point where I'm finding it helpful to listen to lots of Hebrew music and talk. I listen to Reshet Bet and Reshet Gimel online sometimes, but I'm looking more for stuff to download to my iPod or to burn CDs of for use in my car.

Stuff that's available on iTunes is a plus just for simplicity's sake, but I'm open to anything. I've found some artists I like, but finding a good variety is coming slowly and I figured I could find lots of input here.

So: thoughts? Favorite artists/songs? As many different types and styles as possible would be great.
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Have you listend to Ofra Haza? Her big breakthrough hit was Im Nin 'Alu, from the album Shaday, so that might be a good place to start.
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Best answer: Well, for CDs you should know about israel-music. They have absolutely everything.

memail me and I'll send you some lists of songs we used in my hebrew classes --- great for listening and learning!
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Best answer: I'm on my iPod touch so I will make this short:
kaveret, Gidi gov, Danny sanderson, benzeen, nachal
troupe, t-slam (I'm an older guy so these are pre-80s)
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I'm also learning Hebrew and just to piggyback - it would be helpful (especially for anyone who might come across this question in the future), wyzewoman, if you posted the list.
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In The Fiddler's House with Itzhak Perlman, is loaded with festive Hebrew wedding music in the Klezmer style, many of them sung in the language (or Yiddish) (sung by a variety of ages). It's a fun way to hear the language, in addition being to some upbeat, quick-tempo tunes.
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Hadag Nachash... it's a little more hip hop than I am accustomed to, but it's still fun.
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Response by poster: These are all great answers. I guess I should probably contribute some of the artists I know and enjoy, for others:

- Eyal Golan
- Ivri Lider
- Ethnix
- Miri Mesika
- Hadag Nachash (honeybee, I just discovered them recently and have about the same reaction as you...not exactly my style, but definitely fun just for being something different.)

I'm already in the midst of finding other favorites from these answers, so I'm going back to listening to the music now. :)

Thanks to everyone who's answered so far! You guys are the best.
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Sarit Hadad is the only one i know, but she's pretty good
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My favourites are David Broza, Shalom Hanoch (& Arik Einstein)- my favorite album is Muscat, Tea Packs, Idan Raichel Project (a mix of ethiopian and hebrew, but some songs in hebrew, try Bo-yee)
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Best answer: hahaha dhruva they're Tipex, not Tea Packs.

Okay, I will give you my two cents as an Israeli who knows what is being listened to right now, which is a mix of modern music and older Israeli rock, and what your American ear might like more.

Rona Keinan
Monica Sex
Yehuda Poliker (the earlier, non-Greek stuff)
Arik Einstein
Yehudit Ravitz
Subliminal (a lot like HaDag Nahash)
Korin Alal (annoying voice, beautiful music)
Shlomo Artzi
Idan Raichel
Hahalonot Hagvohim ("the high windows")
Einav Jackson Cohen (less known, very good)
Yoni Bloch
Knesiyat Hasechel
Yonatan Gefen

Artists that I don't enjoy as much but that you may like, depending on your taste:
Aviv Geffen, Keren Peles, Ninet, Meir Ariel, Aya Korem, Efrat Gosh (has worked both with Ivri Lider and Yoni Bloch), and the list goes on...
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they're Tipex, not Tea Packs.
Heh. I was so sure.
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Alma Zohar's "Indian Love Song" is my favorite Israeli pop song of recent years; mixed English/Hebrew lyrics.
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