What did Elvis Costello say about Boston?
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At 2:15 of this brief clip, the interviewer asks Elvis Costello if he wants to defend what he'd said in Newsweek about Boston (the band, I'm pretty sure, given her exchange with Nick Lowe starting at 1:58). I've been unable to figure out on the Google just what was said about Boston; can you tell me?
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Best I could find:
"Take a band like Boston. They may sell 9 million records, but
they're about as exciting as a plate of tripe. Rock & roll is
about sex, and they might as well be eunuchs. They're just a wet
dream for an accountant.....
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Oh, a rebuttal!

You Tell Elvis Costello, instructs Tom Scholz "that we have been attacked by people who made it better....That he had to beg for his CBS contract. He is just jealous....We must drive him crazy ! I love it !"

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YES!!! Thanks, evilelf, that was even aweseomer than I expected. And the rebuttal was entertaining too.
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