Ideas for a place in L.A. to host a large Oscar-viewing shindig?
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I'm looking for a venue in Los Angeles -- the closer to downtown, the better -- where we could throw a private party (around 200 people) for watching the Oscars. Indoor location preferred!

This is for a fundraising benefit at the small non-profit where I work, so our budget isn't huge. Last year we held it at the J-Lounge, and it worked pretty well, but we're looking for someplace new for this year.

The Oscars will take place on March 7 next year, I believe.

I've checked out the suggestions from this question, but that's a few years old now, and I'm sure newer, fresher, cooler places have popped up since then!
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I suspect Marvimon and sister site The Smog Shoppe are out of your budget, but it couldn't hurt to check. Mr. F's company (who are possessed of for-profit budgetary means) had a party at the Smog Shoppe once and the space was pretty awesome.

Neither venue is all-indoor, for what it's worth-- they both have exterior space. Marvimon's closer to downtown, the Smog Shoppe is out in the industrial end of Culver City.
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