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Any good parking options for Birmingham's (Alabama, not England) airport?

Hub-to-hub flights can get expensive, so it's often significantly cheaper (almost $100) for me to fly out of Birmingham rather than Atlanta. But this requires a bit of a drive, so the costs and savings begin to break even if I leave my car in Birmingham for too long. (Unless I take Amtrak or Greyhound, but those both require multiple bus and rail transfers just to get to and from the station in both cities.)

I've found Alabama Airport Parking, which offers parking for $9/day, as opposed to the $12/day they charge at the airport. But I don't really know Birmingham very well, and things in a city like that aren't always easily Googleable. Are there any other, cheaper (and safe, though again, I don't know Birmingham) options I might have missed?
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My parents used to use the shuttle services occasionally with some success.

Have you tried looking for flights on non-hub airlines?
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Pollomacho: Have you tried looking for flights on non-hub airlines?

Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with my flight options and such, so my focus was on ways to get to Birmingham cheaply. The low-cost and otherwise secondary airlines in ATL aren't always that competitively priced as compared with the legacies.

I've seen the page for the shuttle service, but at $59 each way, it's not at all worth it. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
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