Help! My steak seasoning is a rock!
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How do I "de-solidify" my steak seasoning? How do I prevent it in the future?

I have a bottle of prime rib rub that has hardened into chunks instead of powder? Family will be here tonight for a steak dinner, how do I turn it back to powder and prevent it from happening again?
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Pour into a bowl and crush it?

Did you let moisture into the bottle? If so avoid that in the future
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If it's in a shaker with fairly small holes, in the future take out all the seasoning, put in some rice, then put in the rub. The rice should capture the moisture and keep your rub perfect!
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Mortar & pestle. Or, pour it into a Ziploc bag and whack it like you would a piƱata. I'd take out a chunk for immediate use, pulverize it, then add a bit of olive oil and rub it on the prime rib NOW, so that it has time to marinate a bit. As to why it clumped: it probably got moist. The damage is done, and though it is now more likely to get moldy, I wouldn't worry about it if you're keeping it refrigerated.
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I came to say rice also.
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If you can't smash it to powder with a fork in a bowl, you can:
- use a potato masher or other smashy kitchen device;
- put the clumps in a blender or food processor and give 'em a whirl. This is good if you have so many crumbly chunks that smashing by hand is tedious or inefficient, or if you still have lots of tiny clumps of spice rub after hand-smashing. (If the chunks are super-duper hard, I would not recommend this; you can damage your blades.) Keep in mind that processing a powder like this can make it pack more efficiently and therefore increase its per-teaspoon firepower. That shouldn't make an appreciable difference with steak rub, but it's worth noting.

If it's in a shaker with fairly small holes...

And if it's in a container without small holes (which would keep the rice from pouring out), wrap up a teaspoon of dry rice in a small bandage of cheesecloth and put it in the jar. As InsanePenguin observes, the rice will absorb traces of moisture and keep the powdered rub from clumping.

The rice will only work if it's a shelf-stable dry powder. If it's a product with enough moisture to require refrigeration, the rice will just mold.
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