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Looking for a science fiction book I read a few years ago. I believe it came out within the past five years. Basic plot was that a guy died and then his mind was uploaded into a robot. I think the main character might have been fairly poor at one time and then started dating an heiress which was why he was able to do the upload after death.

I'm actually looking for a specific passage from the book describing color blindness. The main character was colorblind before he died and then the robot was not colorblind. I just remember the 2-3 pages describing the transition as being the best description of colorblindness I've ever read. I've always wished I could remember it to explain to others my own colorblindness.
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Is it Mindscan?

"Jake Sullivan, a man with an illness that will eventually kill him decides to opt for a process called Mindscan where a copy of his mind will be uploaded to a robot brain and will live on as Jake on Earth why Jake goes to a pleasant retirement home on the moon to live out his remaining days. The "new" Jake faces all kinds of rejections from the people he knew, even his dog. He experiences new sensations like being able to see colors for the first time (he was color blind) and having too much idle time on his hands with no time to fill it since his biological self used it for sleeping, eating and other biological processes that Jake no longer needs to do. " link
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Sounds like iconomy may have it. It is a common trope in sci fi. One of my favorites is also Altered Carbon where a person is loaded into a new 'sleeve'.
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yep, that's the one. Thanks iconomy.
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Oh my, Mindscan was such a poorly-written book. Worse than vanity published dreck. Altered Carbon is much, much better.
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