Is it possible to get image files off a corrupted CompactFlash card?
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Is it possible to get image files off a corrupted CompactFlash card? [more insi#$&*(!NO CARRIER]

Yesterday, I went to one of those Sony kiosks at a Kinko's, intending to grab approx. 150 pictures off my camera and put 'em on CD. I inserted the CompactFlash card, and the first screen of pictures appeared. I went to the second screen, and then they all came up with red X's and each one was labled "Unsupportable Format" or some such. I started over, but this time the machine couldn't read the CompactFlash card at all...and then neither could my Canon A75 camera -- when I turned it on, it said "No Image -- Memory Card Error." I tried it in another store's kiosk card reader, and on my machine at home, and nothing could read the card. it possible to retrieve the images at all, or are they gone for good? Is there a place in the NYC area that can specializes in going after lost data and can work with CF cards? Does it cost an arm and a leg?

I'm assuming the card will work fine once I format it, but I don't want to do that just yet in case the data's retrievable. Anyone have any ideas on what happened?
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I've had the same sort of thing happen. Have you tried using a CF card reader other than the kiosk or camera? I've sometimes had luck recovering files using a different reader hooked up to a computer. I'd try several different readers if possible. Good luck.
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Try this.
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If you use Mac OS X, try this.
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AlexReynolds, thanks for that link, it just might help me recover some recently lost pics! Very much appreciated!
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I can get you a copy of this if AR's solution doesn't work for you, but it is a Windows program.
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