Help Identifiy this china.
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I need some help identifying some of my grandmothers china.

Its been sitting in a box for probably the past 25-30 years and we took it out to use it this Thanksgiving and we were wondering about their history. My dad thinks that they may be a wedding gift, they were married in the mid 50s. On the back of the china it says "Grown-Imperial-Czecho-Slovakia" and under that "Luxor". On some of the dishes its stamped "Czecho-Slovakia". On the plates there are green "V" stamps some big and some small. On the serving dishes they are indented stamped "1800" and some "1900". Here is a picture of the back of the main serving dish.

The only infromation only that I could find was this. The pattern in the picture is the same pattern as the set we have.

Any help finding out anything about the dishes would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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What are you trying to find out? Crown (not Grown) Imperial is the maker. Luxor is the pattern. I've found the Replacements people (from your link) to be very helpful with silver patterns. If you have a specific question, you can call them up.
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Sorry, we are trying to find out the year and what a complete set would have been comprised of.
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Replacements will know what the whole set was, and what the stamps mean. Send them an email; they're very helpful.
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2nding replacements.

in college i did customer service work for a dinnerware mfr and when we were stumped trying to ID over the phone, we always sent people to Replacements.

post back and let us know if you solved the mystery!
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