Can I have my own black box?
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Is there such as thing as a personal audio recorder that has a rolling 'black box' feature where hitting the record button will start recording now, but also save the previous X minutes of recording data?

I work in a job where it's often necessary to record conversations, and sometimes by the time you know you want to you've already missing something, which then causes a bit of a stilted pause as you get the recorder going and ask someone to repeat that last bit.....


Is there an audio recorder that I could keep in my pocket, running all the time, which would only actually save data if I hit the button?

I've hit Google, but I'm not sure my terms are correct.


(and for the privacy nuts out there, don't worry, this is very legal in the context I do it.)
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Yeah, the storage density is so high these days that you can record hours and hours of stuff nearly 'for free' and (I assume) flag the interesting bits when something comes up.
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For example this recorder does 15 hours of 96khz 24 bit PCM on a 32gb card, or 555 hours of 128 bit MP3
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The Line 6 BackTrack is meant for guitarists, but one version has a microphone and might meet your needs. It is always recording, and when the memory fills up it starts deleting old stuff to make room for new recordings. You can click a button to tell it to permanently save a recording.
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The thing to remember is that if you do record everything you need a recorder that can do markers -- there's nothing more agonizing than listening through 5 or 6 hours of stuff for that *one* moment of something interesting.
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The Zoom H2 has an ongoing buffer-If I remember correctly, it is 2 minutes long.
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Response by poster: As far as I can tell the Zoom H2 has a two-second buffer. Two minutes would be great, 2 seconds is probably not enough. 30 seconds would probably do it.
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You should really ask at

Someone there will definitely have a very specific answer.
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Yes, you are right, I was confused there; I never used that function...
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