Lado A / Lado B
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Where can I find recordings of a voice saying "Side A" and "Side B" in Spanish, to reuse on a tape I'm making?

I'll be satisfied to pull them out of larger audio if I need to, but my usually extensive capacity at google is failing me here. A tip of my hat to anyone with a suggestion!
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I might be missing something here- but couldn't you record yourself ?
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That's what I was thinking. Audacity and a cheap microphone and you're good to go, as long as you know the Spanish and don't mind using your own voice or the voice of someone you know.
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Response by poster: I certainly could. I'm looking for it to sound a bit different and official though (you know, typical indie pretentiousness at work here), and that I am less likely to pull off with my one semester of introductory Spanish and low quality mics.
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You can try a Spanish text-to-speech application like this online one here.
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I imagine the best way to do this is playing with some of the text-to-speech tools available online.

I tried out the first one, typing "Lado, A" and came up with this, but I am sure if you poked around a bit, you would come up with something better.

Good luck!
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Best answer: AT&T has a good one.

Do you like this?
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Response by poster: The AT&T is rises above expectations! Thank you.
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You got the wrong words: "side a / side b" should be "cara a / cara b" (cara=face) in spanish. Maybe that's why you're having no luck with google.
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In Latin America, lado is used for tapes instead of cara.
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