Importing Roquefort from France
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Can I bring about 5 lbs of French Roquefort cheese back into the US, this December, without breaking any laws? For private use only.
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I never had a problem bringing large wax-sealed (or plastic-sealed) cheeses back from the Netherlands. This link has some vague guidelines and a number to call for specific questions. My understanding is that provided the cheese is securely sealed by the maker, it will be admissible. The cheesemonger or grocery shop may be able to answer this question on-site, if you go to a shop accustomed to serving American tourists.
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I had to throw mine away in customs, along with some good sausage and a caramel apple.
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Googling around suggests that hard cheeses are OK and soft cheeses are a maybe: Roquefort may be in a gray zone and YMMV depending on your particular customs agent. US Customs page on food. Peppy SF Gate article on personal importers. Google may be your friend.
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