how do i send booze in the mail
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looking to deck the halls with homemade liquor (infused vodkas, lemoncello, something like that) - but now how to get it through the mail.

i'm in oklahoma and i'm sending it to new york. this would be smallish bottles without professional labels.

(anon since these are gifts)
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Use 375 mL bottles, corked, and wax-sealed.

Pack tightly in small boxes with lots and lots of shredded paper. Don't use peanuts. They compress too much.

Mail via UPS.
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It is illegal in some places to send booze thru the mail. It is totally legal to send a box full of bottles of "perfume". Just sayin'.
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It is totally legal to send a box full of bottles of "perfume"

Been there, done that. Worked like a charm.
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UPS, Fedex, DHL, and USPS have all told me that they will not ship alcohol. I forget which carrier told me I could ship it if I were sending it to certain states and I was registered to sell booze in the state I was sending from.

Most people just ignore the rules and say it's wine. Technically, the safe way to ship bottles with possibly dangerous liquids in them would be packed in an appropriate amount of Vermiculite. This is more relevant for bottles with booze than for wine as alcohol bottles are regularly not as thick and more often have thinner necks.
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fief, pretty sure you can't mail beer or wine either. (This question comes up a lot on homebrew/homeferment forums.) The average citizen can't ship it legally, generally, at least not without going to special extremes. Some people have been known to mail wine and call it "marinade." Not worth the risk, IMHO.
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If I were you, I would ship it using a non-usps carrier, pack it really well, and call it perfume or vinegar.

(I'm not sure if lying to the usps is considered a federal offense, but I wouldn't want to find out, either.)
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This explains how, with pictures:

It's probably overkill to pack bottles this much, but you can be sure they won't break!
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A friend of mine [in Oregon] has sent me [in Pennsylvania] several bottles of well-packed craft beer via FedEx, though I can't say whether or not he informed FedEx of the contents of the package.
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Let's say one didn't realize that one couldn't ship alcohol. And then one did just that thing, twice, cross country and back. It might have gone like this:

Bottles individually wrapped in bubble wrap, then individually placed in Ziplocs. Layers of peanuts on the bottom, and those air-packs (or ziplocs filled with air and sealed) around the bottles, and then more peanuts on top.
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