Help me replace my sweetie's Celtic band
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[music filter] Mr jane's birthday is soon. He was just lamenting the fact that one of his fave groups, Nightnoise was no longer. Any Nightnoise-similar music that I might proffer as a suitable replacement?
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I don't know anything about the band except what I've read on wikipedia, but it seems they have 7 albums out, and are classified as Celtic jazz, where Nightnoise is listed beside Clannad (who have a hefty discography). Someone also linked Raggle Taggle in the classification of Celtic jazz, but I can't vouch for them.
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Clannad might work, yeah. Or Shadowfax.

It's hard to give suggestions without more info though. What does he like about Nightnoise? The Celtic angle? The instrumentation? Does he mind having vocals with the instrumentation or is he just responding to the music? You should browse/listen to artists on Windham Hill's label and see if anything strikes a chord.

Also try Durutti Column's Another Setting, Tape's Luminarium, and maybe American Analog Set if he wants something a bit more driving.

Oh! And for fun, play him some David Sylvian and Dead Can Dance. If he likes either of those, you'll be all set, as they've both made some exceptionally good music over the years.
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