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Help me find a necklace my girlfriend lost.

My girlfriend had a necklace that she got from the gift shop at Mt. Rushmore, and she recently lost it. It had a leather cord, blue beads, and a copper (I think) heart that said Love inside of it in a kind of wiry design.

I looked online, and have not been able to find it. I also called the gift shop and they said that the necklace is out of stock and will not be back in until Spring! That doesn't really work, because I want to get her the necklace for Christmas.

If anyone has any idea where I can find one of these, it would be great!
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Call the gift shop again and ask where they get it from.
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Can you call the store back and ask them where they got it? I am sure if you asked nicely, they wouldn't mind at all.
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Did you ask the gift shop what brand or company they order the necklace from? You may be able to go factory direct, or at least find another place that sells the same product
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"Hello, gift shop lady? I know you won't have any until Spring but can you please help me find one, maybe from whoever makes them for you? I really need to replace my girlfriend's necklace because I dropped it in the garbage disposal by accident and she's going to kill me!"
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Awesome, that thought had crossed my mind but for some reason I hadn't followed up on it. I called, they gave me a website, which gave me a number, which gave me an outlet's number, which I have now purchased the necklace from!

Thanks everyone. You just made her Christmas a lot better.
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