places to stay in Provincetown, MA?
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Suggestions for places to stay in Provincetown, Massachusetts over the Christmas Holidays? Looking for guest houses or vacation rentals.

Hi there. I'm going to be in Provincetown over Christmas with my BF and his mom, so we're looking for a place to stay w/ at least 2 bedrooms. We'll probably stay 3-5 nights (we're visiting another family member up there). A cozy guest house/cabin with a kitchen so we could cook a lot and hang out a lot in would be ideal. We'll probably have access to a car, but if it was w/in walking distance to food, shops, that would also be great. So if anybody has any suggestions, let me know!
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I suggest you search the rental listings at Pat Shultz | Coldwell Banker (a reputable realtor in P-town).
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The Brass Key has cottages. They do provide complimentary breakfasts. The Watership Inn has 2 two-bedroom apartments with kitchens. In each case you are in town and everything is walkable.
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*The Brass Key has cottages, but they don't have kitchens.*
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Try looking at VRBO.
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I stayed at the Watership once during the winter. Very affordable and comfortable, close to the main drag-- but make sure the mom's okay with flamboyant gay men (I assume she is since you're going to P-town in the first place, but can't hurt to check).
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