What Mexican rock/rap song did I hear?
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What Mexican song did I hear that heavily sampled (or covered) an English language rock band like April Wine or Foghat (or similar). The Spanish lyrics sort of rapping over a bed of the classic rock sound. And I'm almost positive it wasn't Molotov.

It is driving me nuts. I was at a club the other night down Mexico way and heard this awesome song that had some 70s/80s power rock samples/riffs with a Spanish language singing/rapping over it. I had the Shazam App grab it but because I was roaming and AT&T would charge me a fortune I didn't find out until I was back in the US that it didn't know what it was. Unfortunately if Shazam doesn't know a song it doesn't keep it around.

So now I just have this feeling I really want to hear the song because I seemed to like it so much. I immediately thought it might have been Molotov -- like something I might have missed on their cover album Con Todo Respeto -- but it wasn't. But sort of like the ZZ Top riffs on "Perro Negro Granjero". But it did sort of have a Molotov kind of feel to it. That plus having the cool riffs from the classic rock song made it really sound awesome. Or perhaps it could have been the tequila. If only I could remember the power rock song they had sampled this would have been a cakewalk to figure out. I know it wasn't "Slow Ride" or "I like to rock" but it was in that same type of song.

Of course just because I was in Mexico when I heard it doesn't mean it was done by a Mexican act. But the lyrics were in Spanish.
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Can you post the clip to Youtube?
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There's no clip to post. When Shazam "listens" to a song and sends if off to identify, it doesn't keep it when can't determine the song. I spent hours yesterday on youtube, lala, itunes and wikipedia pouring through any Mexican hip hop or rock band's music I can find. Found some cool songs, just not what I was looking for.

I wish I would have also covered my bases and recorded a clip of the audio on the phone so I could have to play back now.
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