How to Reorder and Rename Files
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For an art project, I need to take several thousand image files, reorder them randomly and rename them sequentially. Is there an AppleScript for that? Or something?

Hello! I am working on a video art piece, involving stretches of random images at 30 distinct images a second. I'm collecting these images from all sorts of sources, from old vacation photos to frames from industrial films, and putting them in a folder; I eventually will be bringing them into Avid Media Composer as an image sequence.
Basically, I want to take a folder full of files, with varying names, reorder them randomly and then give them sequential names like "1.jpg", "2.jpg", all the way up to "3000.jpg", so that Avid recognizes them as part of a sequence.
I don't know anything about scripts (or much of anything) and I work on Mac OSX- is there a simple way to script this?
Thank you so much in advance.
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Similar question asked and answered here.

Basically, order your files sequentially in OSX's Automator ("make sequential file names"), and then run sfender's script in the AskMe question and you should have a newly-sequentially-ordered randomized list of images.
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Hey that was my question way back when. I actually found an Applescript solution that worked well. I have to go looking for it, but mefi mail to remind me and I'll try to locate it this weekend.
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