What was this contact reminder program?
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A while ago, I came across a handy little program/script, which I think worked roughly like this: you give it a table of various friends' names and how often you want to stay in touch with them, and at appropriate intervals it will give you a "hey, you haven't emailed Jeff in 3 months" type reminder.

Of course, this is not a hard problem and there are 101 ways I could cook up something similar, but I recall being impressed with this particular utility as a neatly done implementation. I recall it being somewhat old-school geeky in nature -- command lines and crontabs rather than web APIs and cloud synchronizations. I suspect it was probably just a few dozen well-carpentered lines of Python or similar. Anyway, before I give up the search and recreate it myself, has anyone else come across this thing?

Additional detail: fairly sure I came across it on the author's personal website, with a sort of "hey I cooked this up for my own use, might be handy for someone else" introduction.
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Response by poster: Thanks NotMySelfRightNow, but it definitely wasn't Brewster -- it was a small downloadable program rather than an online service linked to Facebook and Twitter, and only worked as a simple contact reminder rather than "re-imagin[ing] what an address book should do for you" like Brewster.
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It may have been a small app I wrote called "Bubbles". Certainly your description fits it well. I'll see if I still have it around somewhere and will put it back on the web.
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Response by poster: Thanks Zarkonnen! Whether or not your program was the one I was thinking of, I'd be grateful to give it a try.
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