Replacement Motherboard for one that crapped out.
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What motherboard can I find that will replace an MSI K9VGM-V?

Hi all. A bit of backstory: My PC had always had an issue where it randomly shut off (akin to overheating). I had replaced the Power supply and the RAM and issue was still present. I had used it like this for several more months until it totally died on me and wouldn't turn on. I understand the PC troubleshooting theory of swapping out components until you find the weak link in the system, which by now could be the motherboard or the processor. So, I'd like to find a new motherboard.

Problem is that the current one I have is discontinued and i don't quite know what to replace it with, or where to look. I'm looking for something similar in

Size: I have a small case and I don't want to run into issues with the motherboard not fitting, so i'm looking for something around the same physical dimensions.

Price: I'm definitely not looking for something top of the line here. I just want a replacement. However I will most likely do some gaming on this. Ideally a $40-$80 price range, but I'm willing to go higher if the shoe really fits.

Compatability: I'd like it to be compatable with the ram and processor that I already have in there.

Again, this is an MSI K9VGM-V Thanks!
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Just set up a power search for specs that are the same to or as similar as your current rig. Like so (same form factor, same RAM compatibility, same socket type and processor compatibility). You may want to add a couple other criteria to the power search to specify which storage device interface(s) you're using (SATA or PATA).
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What cog_nate said, except those filters are overly restrictive. You should be fine with any MicroATX/MATX board that indicates AM2 and DDR2 compatibility.
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