Sheet music for Eileen Ivers' Bygone Days
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My Mom loves the Thanksgiving: A Windham Hill Collection and would like the piano accompaniment for track 2, Bygone Days by Eileen Ivers. Her birthday is in late December and I'd like to buy it for her, if I can find it.

I've searched all the sheet music sites I've found but my Google/Bing-fu has failed me. All I've located is the same song (track 3) on Crossing the Bridge and a live version of the song on YouTube.

It's possible the song was written by someone else and only performed by Ivers, but the only alternate version I've found by Rudolf Friml is a different song.

Does anyone know where I could look (or if it exists)?
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Stylistically, for celtic-type accompanists, the "piano part" was probably just a list of chord names and a good pianist, rather than ever having existed in sheet music form. You could probably ask on thesession forums, but at best that would probably yield the list of chord names.
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This book has a violin/fiddle song called "Bygone Days" on it. I don't know if it's the same tune, though.
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Response by poster: @aimedwander I wondered if that might be the case. Unfortunately my Mom's a classically trained pianist so the chords wouldn't be of much user to her. I'll still ask on thesession forums just in case.

@xingcat Thanks, I hadn't seen that. I wish there was a way to peek at the sheet music to see if it's the right one.
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Best answer: It looks like "Bygone Days" was written by Eileen Ivers and Brian Keane. Keane produced and arranged the original album that featured the song (Crossing the Bridge which you found), and also co-wrote and performed on other songs (credits listed at allmusic). Also looks like he publishes his own compositions. In any case, if sheet music for the piano accompaniment is available, then he'd probably know about it -- might be worth a shot to contact him directly.
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Response by poster: Thanks rangefinder 1.4, I've sent him an email.
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If you don't hear back from the arranger:
Based on the sample you linked to, that piece would be trivially easy for a student -- say, an undergrad composition major -- to transcribe. The labor would be just in making a nicely-formatted score (virtually every young composer uses notation software that, with some attention to formatting, can produce scores that look as good as printed music). So you could ask at your local schools and see if you can strike a deal with somebody.
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Response by poster: @kalapierson I didn't know how hard that would be, but a fellow Mefite offered to help out if I'm unable to find sheet music. I heart AskMetafilter.
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