Simple database app for text files?
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Is there any simple database that can operate "over" raw text files?

I have my ideas scattered in lots of text files on a Windows Vista machine. What I'm looking for is an application that will operate "over" them to bring some order - mostly, tag them in some intuitive way. Lots of programs I've tried come close:

  • Wikidpad works with raw text files (with the extension .wiki), but it's cumbersome and its tagging is not quite good enough.

  • Total Commander has a function that tags files and makes them searchable, but they are not apparent in a tag cloud.

  • CintaNotes would be perfect if it could operate over text files like Wikidpad, or even if it could import text files, but it only works with XML data.

  • I'm hoping somebody knows of a lightweight CintaNotes-like app that meets these requirements. It wouldn't necessarily have to read the contents of the files as long as it could tag them in a pretty way. Oh yeah, it should operate just within a certain directory (which rules out whole-computer tagging apps like Tag2Find).

    Cheers me dears.
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    Have you tried looking at Evernote? I can see how you might be able to import data in to this and potentially solve your problem (though it is slightly less "file-based" than you are looking for).
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    I have Evernote, but it's an "everything" system that's more focused on its iPhone app at the moment. I'm looking for something that can just read files in one directory.
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