What's the beat backing Thunderheist on this mix?
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DJ Shiftee, two-time winner of the world's biggest DJ-ing contest made a mix for BBC. At 1:09:30 into the mix he transitions from M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" to Thunderheist's "Bubblegum" backed by an insanely catchy beat. What is this beat???
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might get a better/faster response if you cut the snippet out and post it somewhere rather than forcing all of us to download over an hour's worth of audio.
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I'd be happy to download an hour's worth of audio - always interested in good mixes - but your zshare link just tried to install a virus. In the middle of a full scan now.
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Response by poster: good points both, I was hoping someone on mefi would have already downloaded it. As for the zshare, my apologies. I have a mac so I guess I just got the file?
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Response by poster: and by "already downloaded it" I mean before I had posed the question.
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Best answer: This tracklist states:
MOP — Ante Up (Tittsworth Remix)
Thunderheist — Bubblegum (Hatchmatik Birdflu in June Remix)
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I just listened to the mix, nice stuff. The tracklist I provided looks right, and here's the Hatchmatik Birdflu in June Remix, which also seems like what you're looking for. Free remixes from Hatchmatik, which I wouldn't have found if not for you. Cheers!
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Thanks for the link (viruses and all), this mix is nice.
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