How can I replace embedded PDF fonts?
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How can I replace embedded fonts in a PDF with "normal-looking" versions? I have a textbook I received from my professor for a class, and the text is incredibly hard to read.

Screenshot of PDF. (non-highlighted text is what the text looks like normally)

I'd also like to not lose text formatting. (italics/monospace etc)
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That PDF isn't made with embedded fonts, and was probably made by scanning a paper copy of the book. You can tell by looking at the same letter in different spots. They vary wildly. Your only hope is to run the PDFs through OCR software.
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Best answer: I'll bet you, dollars to donuts, that those aren't fonts. They might have bee at one point, but I doubt they are now. If I had to guess, they're vector graphics, created either by OCR scanning the original or by converting the fonts to outlines.

Do you have Acrobat Pro? You can check to see if that's a font or not by going to File -> Properties... and clicking the Fonts tab, or by highlighting the text, right-clicking and selecting Properties...

Actually, if you can select the text at all, you have a font. If not, it a graphic.
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Here's a proper PDF. Do future students a favor and send it to the professor.
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Definitely OCR'd. I hope your professor isn't giving out pirated copies of that book.
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not even ocr'd. it's a scan put through an autotracer such as you'd find in adobe illustrator. ridiculously amateur.
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Response by poster: Sorry, here's a image of it with the text highlighted.

It seems to be actual text, and I can portions it into another document without a problem.
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Wait, you opened it in InDesign? Can you not change the font using the Character palette?
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Notice that the highlighted text looks fine. It seems to be replacing the image with a 'regular' font when you highlight it.
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