Help finding a kids mug to redeem myself
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Please help me make my 4 year old happy again. I broke his favorite mug and cannot for the life of me remember where we bought it and my Google skills are failing me for buying a replacement. It is a small blue mug with an elephant on it, it was part of a set - each was a different color and animal (remaining 3 pictured here). The the only helpful hint is on the bottom where it says made in Japan and the company is IO (pictured terribly here). I am can only imagine that we bought them as a set online but IO and elephant kids mug are not working as search terms so I am hoping against hope that someone recognizes them and knows where to buy another. Thanks.
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I recognize those -- so cute! You can order them online at Pearl River. Enjoy. :)
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Nothing substantive to add to mochapickle's answer, except to say that this is why I love AskMeFi. Awesome.
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Ask MetaFilter really is amazing!
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AskMefi is why I kicked in the $5. Awesome work.
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I have four of the orange bunny mugs from that set! Your son has good taste.
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You are awesome mochapickle, thanks!
posted by GrumpyMonkey at 8:30 AM on November 12, 2009

OMG, those are so cute!!
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I want a set of those in adult sizes, they're adorable!
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So cute! Can I ask if they're ceramic or plastic?
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barnone, they're ceramic, and sarcasticah, they actually are not too small for adults--I bought them for Mr. HotToddy and myself (no kids) and I think they're just right for a cup of tea or coffee. Maybe 6 oz.?
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