Help me find this jacket!
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I'd like to find a leather jacket similar to this one.

I have no idea where to start or anything about leather jackets in general. Is there a specific style of jacket I should be searching for?
I'd prefer it to be a more slim-fitting jacket like this as opposed to a biker jacket, but if you have any cool biker jackets in mind I'd check those out too.

Bonus points for Nashville-area stores but online sources work too. Thanks!
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Here's a biker jacket that looks pretty close and is really cheap to boot.
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the style you linked reminds me more of a racing/crotch rocket leather motorcycle jacket instead of the bulkier harley style jacket.
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You could try a cafe racer style jacket.The Schott 141 is the classic. It' not cheap-- not by a long shot-- but it will likely last you the rest of your life, and will only improve as it ages.

If you want slimmer-fitting, size down. In other words, if you normally wear a size 40 jacket, get the 141 in size 38.
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Urban Outfitters will have what you're looking for.
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Sizing down doesn't give you a slimmer fit, it gives you an ill fitting jacket. That leather jacket is tailored, it fits. The length of the sleeve compared to the width and fit around the arm and into the armpit gives it away.

You could try All Saints. Blackscissors are leather tailors who specialise in this type of fitted leather jacket, they will copy designer jackets or work to your specs. Really nice quality.
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Try Urban Outfitters or Ebay!
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Also, ShopStyle search results are hopeful.
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