Looking for a print of Schinkel's 1815 'Starry Sky' from the Magic Flute
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I'm looking for a print or poster of this image.

The artist is Karl Friederich Schinkel and the painting is an 1815 stage design for the Queen of the Night's big aria in The Magic Flute. The painting doesn't have an official title and is usually referred to either just as "stage set for The Magic Flute" or "Starry Sky". The painting is held at Stiftung Preu├čischer Kulturbesitz, Staatliche Museen Berlin, but they don't seem to sell prints on their website.

I would prefer to buy from a UK seller, but I'd be okay with buying from anywhere as long as it can be shipped to the UK (as long as the postage rates aren't outrageous).

The original is about 46cm x 62cm (c 18" x 24"), and I'd like something on roughly the same scale. Ideally, I'd like to pay no more than £50 including shipping but could stretch a bit for a particularly nice reproduction.

I've found several places that will paint a reproduction to order, but it's a pretty pricey option (c $275 for the size I want) and I'm not sure whether the quality would justify the price.
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long shot, but check out allposters.com
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Googling found it at zazzle. Don't know if they ship to the UK - but it looks like a 22" x 15" poster is $18. The also say that it's called 'Ad Astra' or 'Toward the Stars'.
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Response by poster: I've checked allposters, and the version at zazzle is a 'reinterpretation' of the original. It's more stylized, less detailed, and the colours are more saturated.

Thanks though!
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Best answer: It seems to be available here, and it seems to be close to the original.
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Response by poster: Brilliant! Thank you! That's exactly what needed.
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