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I need examples (good and bad) of how radio stations, DJs or programmes use Facebook.

Thank you!
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I'm 'friends' with WRXP, they are pretty neat in that they post weird photos and do ticket giveaways that show up in my newsfeed. I give it a 7/10 in The Facebook Experience. Relevant Linkage
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I was friended by"Justin R Anderson", who is a DJ in Toronto/Belleville/probably some other places. He posts annoying statuses about his radio program/club dj-ng and puts up albums of pictures he takes at clubs sometimes. Also pictures of his son? And invites his friends to tons of club events. I am not too fond of him but for some reason haven't defriended him yet.
Here is his Facebook page
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I'm the morning DJ at WFPK in Louisville, KY, and our Facebook page gets a fair amount of activity (almost 3,500 fans right now). Jocks and the PD regularly put bits of trivia on there, invitations to live events, photos, links, etc. (Linked to the station site so you can see how we've integrated the FB button on the left sidebar.)

We shoot tons of video at our events (in the studio and live in the community), and put the edited best bits on FB via YouTube. We literally have listeners all over the world as a result of this (there's a guy on our page right now who listens from Italy, and we hear stories like that all the time).

Me personally, I have a lot of listeners that have friended me on FB, so I stay logged in during my shift, and a lot of them chat with me while I'm on the air, make requests, etc. Listeners love having that kind of closeness with the station, IMO.
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KEXP is one of the most web-aware stations out there. Here is their Facebook page.
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A radio station in Norfolk Va held a contest by which the xth caller had a set amount of hours to get the station 500 new facebook fans. My daughter did this and won 500 bucks.
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My local radio station has a points system (listen for a "bonus code", enter it online and receive points, "buy" stuff with your points). They used to offer additional bonus codes through their Facebook page, although not anymore (not sure why).
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