How to save a candle with a "lost" wick
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My sister gave me a lovely big pillar candle for Christmas. When I went to burn it last night, the wick burned off. There's a little tiny stub of a wick- I can light it, but it only burns a small blue flame. Can this candle be saved?
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Use a knife to cut around the wick. Alternately light the candle and cut and eventually, you'll have enough wick for real lighting.
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Light the wick, and when a melt pool develops pour it away. This will expose more of the wick.
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Heh - what a wierd topic to know something about, but I actually used to work for a candle distribution company. There are little tools called "wick picks" and "candle savers" that you can buy to excavate around the wick (Yankee Candle stores will have them). Failing that, what amandaudoff said.

Wicks should be about 1/4" long for best results - any longer and paraffin-based candles start to smoke.
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I'm digging it out- it's looking better already! Hurray!
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Be warned - a lot of big pillar candles don't burn very well. Why design a candle that doesn't burn? Beats me, but I've got one on my table.
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Nelson: people buy them (mostly as ornaments), so they get made.

Some larger candles are made of a high-temperature wax surrounding a lower-temperature core. The low-temperature wax burns down, and the light shines out through the translucent shell, making it glow.
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Once you get it lit, be sure to let it burn for at least a few hours before extinguishing it again for best results. The wider the candle, the longer it needs to burn if you want it to be easy to relight later.
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