Looking for affordable 9-month housing near Kirkland, WA
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Looking for recommendations for an affordable apartment/studio complex within 20min of the Bungie offices in Kirkland, WA for a 9 month lease.

I'm looking for whatever might be cheaper, be it in Redmond or maybe further to the East. The workplace, from last I heard, is in Kirkland, but a ten to twenty minute commute isn't too big a problem. Of course, I would prefer to live in Kirkland, but I'm thinking with rates as high as $900 a month, I'm not sure if I could afford much else. Do you think there might be anything around the $600-700 range for a studio or maybe even a sublet? Craigslist can only do so much in terms of finding vacant apartments, whereas subletters are much easier on the wallet but only for temporary housing solutions. I'm going to be there for 9 months.
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Try rent.com and sublet.com.

I still have my "Don't make me kick your ass" t-shirt from Bungie from the late 1990s. Marathon was a kick-ass game.
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kijiji lets you search within a specified distance of a given address.
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Also, ask your contact at Bungie if they know of anything. They may have suggestions for good locations, or places to avoid at all circumstances. I doubt you're the first person who's asked.
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