What kind of boots is the Governor of California wearing in Terminator 2?
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I need ya cloz, ya bootz and ya motacycle. . . Actually, just the boots would be fine.

Google turns up no discussion I can find about what make/model of boots they might be. I think the type of boot is called "Engineer."

Looking at this video at 3:25, you can clearly see the boots:

My theory is that they are either some type of steel toed Chippewa like this. Or a Carolina boot

I don't ride a motorcycle, never have, never will, and I purely want these boots for my birthday because I like how they look. Total poser move, hence the anon posting.

Does anyone know the specific kind of boot worn by the Terminator?
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Frye or Red Wing, perhaps. My money's on Frye (I'm wearing mine right now).
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The toe isn't square enough to be harness boots. I would have guessed engineer boots as well. But if you google "the terminator's boots" you come up with a lot of harness boots.
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I wear engineer boots which are the boots in both of the photos that you linked to. While many people wear them who ride motorcycles, I don't think you're a power if you wear them just because they're good work boots. A few things to know about them

- you can get steel toe or not. steel toe ones will maintain a rounded toe shape while non-steel toe will eventually flatten out like the ones in the link I provided
- I think of the ones that are higher [i.e. in your second link] as "real" engineer boots, but I may be being snooty and/or incorrect
- Carolina makes a good model of these, so does Redwing. [although now that I look the redwing ones have weird heels so maybe I'm wrong or outdated about that]
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Stompers has all kinds of awesome boots. If you're in the SF Bay Area, it's worth driving over to the store. Their website suffers from 90's webdesign, but their products and service are excellent.

Yup, I'd say that's an engineer boot. I know plenty of non-riders who wear them, and I don't think it's a particularly poser-riffic move.

If you wore a pair of Daytonas without being a rider, well, that's pretty poser-riffic. Kind of like the guy who wears an armored motorcycle jacket with a big skull on the front to the goth club I frequent. It'd be one thing if he rode a motorcycle there, but he takes the bus.
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Seconding Stompers. Their site has lots of motorcyclie engineer boots w/ pics. They also mail order for free. I've bought several pairs of boots from them and have nothing but good things to say about them.
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Definitely check out Frye, they make cool engineer/harness boots as other people have pointed out, but:

I don't ride a motorcycle, never have, never will, and I purely want these boots for my birthday because I like how they look. Total poser move, hence the anon posting.

Most people that ride motorcycles don't really wear boots like this anymore. I mean, maybe people in the cruiser/custom scene with like Vanson-type leathers and stuff, but mostly, you got your sport/street/naked/standard guys who wear techy boots that look like they are for astronauts (e.g. everyone I know around my age), and you got your 'practical' guys who wear Aerostitch type stuff (e.g. my dad). Wearing Frye engineer boots and not riding a motorcycle is about as posery as wearing a Burberry trench coat and not actually being a World War I doughboy.
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