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Is there a way to sort links by order of overall popularity? For example, I know if I go to it will show me recently popular links with the css tag, but what I'd really like is to sort all the css links in descending order of number of people linking to the link. Is this possible?
I googled with variations of "sort|order popular links" but did not come up with anything remotely like what I was going for.
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From a quick look at the posted API, I'm guessing no. I know what you mean though, The popular links list doesn't sort in order of popularity. This is a good thing if you make the popularity list a live bookmark in Firefox, it changes day to day. The best person to ask is Josh.

Please send questions, comments, etc to
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Thanks for the suggestion. I guess, based on the reply I got from Joshua and the (lack of) discussion here. That I am probably one of the few people interested in seeing the results.

Joshua said that the results tend to be not interesting. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
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I'm interested, and I bet a lot of other people are, too. I just didn't have anything interesting to add. But if Joshua says it's not interesting, that makes me a little less curious.
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This just got posted to the front page.

A page that shows a brief list of the top 30 in order of popularity.
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Correction: "oishii!...a system that [can] tell me, automatically, what lots of other people have just bookmarked...polls the front page every 15 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people." order of popularity.
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So it can be done, but it takes additional coding, and needs to done offsite.
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At the beginning of his python script, he reads in a file called "delicious.html"
links = []
inFile = open("delicious.html")
inText =
This must be a local copy of the front page he mentions. From looking at the source of both the front page and the popular page, my guess is that you could feed this script the popular page and get a sorted list of those results.
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