graphing implicit/3d/whatever (multiple plots) in maple/other software
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graphing implicit/3d/whatever (multiple plots) in maple/other software

how would I graph this? I'm getting killed by the boundaries on these triple integrals and trying to visualize these graphs without a calculator or any sort of help. for example, how would you get the boundaries from this problem with a graphing software such as maple?


evaluate the triple integral where E is bounded by the cylinder y^2 + z^2 = 16, and the planes x = 0, y = (4/3) x , and z = 0.

I see graphs like this for the problem above that look like my first attachment. The closest I've come is entering it in maple like I've shown in my 2nd attachment for this problem, but why doesn't my graph look like the random professors graph from attachment #1? Mine doesn't have any curves or contours, it's just rigid useless lines. What is their secret?

I take back the maple only request but if you guys know ANY software where I can successfully enter problems like the above in to visualize them would greatly help me out. In a way I'm looking at larger picture because I want to know how to graph any set of equations, planes, functions in one graph regardless of if there's a x, y, z etc, but this problem would certainly help in getting there.

attachment 1 (not mine) :

attachment 2 (mine, in maple):

please help lol :(

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In Mathematica I would use use Plot3D with the RegionFunction option.
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I think your only problem is that you solved the equation for the cylinder for z. You should just be able to do implicitplot3d(y^2+z^2=16, x=.... The whole point of implicit plotting is that it takes an implicit function, where you've given it it in the form of f(y).

Quite honestly, I haven't used Maple in a long time and don't have a copy of it here, but try that and see if it works.
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