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IndesignCS3Filter: Is there a way to break threaded text boxes but keep the text that is currently in the frames where it is?

is there anyway to do this? i've tried searching for a script but I don't think i'm using the right search terms. thanks!
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I'm not on CS3, but I know a quick way to accomplish this is to highlight and cut the text from the box, deselect that box and simply paste the text. It'll appear in a new text box that is unaffiliated with the original threaded boxes. Of course, if you're talking about several pages of threaded text boxes, this would rapidly become impractical.

I definitely would be cool to simply have a "Un-thread boxes but keep text in-place" option.
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Best answer: i found it -- you can either use the "BreakFrame" or "SplitStory" script -- both are included in the sample scripts that load with CS3.

they are also available to download here here under "scripting resources"
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Ooh! Thank you!
(Incidentally, you can do this manually if you highlight and cut the text, then switch to the arrow tool, click the little "break the link" box in the upper left corner of the text box, and then paste your text back in the same box. But these scripts sound great.)
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