Where can I get an NYC subway map & metrocard outside of NYC?
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I'm working on an art project, and I need to get a copy of the official MTA NYC subway map (the one you get for free in the subway station), and an expired metrocard. I am in the UK. How can I get a hold of these things outside of New York?
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Ask someone on Metafilter to send you these items. They aren't rare or expensive.
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Can you print some off? (Metrocard)
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Best answer: I can send you your fill of expired metro cards, they litter the stations around here. Same with the maps though they can be harder to snag sometimes. Drop me a MeFi mail if you are interested.
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I can swing by the NYC tourism office for you and see if they've got MTA maps. It's just outside my office building. Just drop me a line.

Come to think about it, they might even send you one if you ask nicely.
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I have an expired NYC metrocard right here. I live in London.

Although anyone who is able to send you a subway map (I dont have one) can probably also send some old metrocards too...
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Best answer: I too can get you a subway map from the station down the street. Probably an expired metrocard as well.

MeMail me if you're interested.
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Yup I can get you a card maybe two. (London).
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You can print a PDF of the official map.
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