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Angelenos, please recommend an awesome and artsy portrait photographer.

I'm being featured in a hardback art book. They need a high-quality portrait of me in the next three weeks (!!). Who do you recommend? I live in Hollywood but can travel within, say, 25 miles for the right person. Links to portfolios appreciated.
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A high school friend of mine is (partially) making his living as a photographer in LA. His name is Coy and his web site is here. I think he does the kind of thing you're wanting.
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Lou O'Bedlam is LA-based, I think.
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Best answer: I do not know him, but if I were in your shoes I would contact this guy: Max Wanger.
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Here's two that are very different, but would both be excellent choices.

Eve Dulac-Ackley http://edaproduction.com/
Robert Kim http://www.robertkim.com/
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Two friends of mine whose work I like:


They are in Venice and Holllywood respectively.
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