when is the yankess parade
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If/when the Yankees win the World Series, when will the parade that shuts down the city be?

I have two business meetings on Monday in separate parts of town and I'd rather reschedule if the parade is going on. Are their specific times, dates when this is likely to occur?

If they win tonight would it be Friday? If they tomorrow would it be Friday/Monday? If I need to get cross town should I give it up?

Note to baseball fans - I have no interest in the outcome of the game. Only the outcome of the parade - go Reds!
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In the past (1996-2000), the parade was in lower Manhattan, up Broadway to City Hall. Likely wouldn't change this year.

Never made it to the parade, but then never had my workday compromised because of it either. In fact, if it hadn't been in the news, I wouldn't have noticed it.

If you're not planning on being in the Financial District, I wouldn't worry about it.
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If you're in Midtown, you won't be affected. I work in Midtown and I am far more affected by the UN meetings/St. Patrick's Day Parades than I've ever been by World Series parades.
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Response by poster: Sounds good - but still curious. Anyone know what date it will likely be?
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City Hall will announce the date. Either check NYC.gov or call 311. If you're calling from outside NYC there's a different number to call but I don't know what it is. You can find it on NYC.gov.

Finally all the media will announce the date once the Mayor's office announces it.

The parades are confined to the so-called "Canyon of Heroes" in Lower Manhattan, on Broadway.
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It'll probably be identical to the Giants parade in 2008, down the Canyon of Heroes. I went to that and it was only overcrowded within a block or two of the route or City Hall. If you are not below Canal street, you'd never guess there was a parade going on at all.

However, if your business contacts are Yankees fans, they might want to be down in the Canyon themselves. It's been what, nine long years since they won? It's a marvel of incompetence that they don't win it every year.
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Some data points:

1996: Won game 6 in NY on Saturday (October 26). Parade on Tuesday.
1998: Won game 4 in San Diego on Wednesday (October 21). Parade on Friday.
1999: Won game 4 in NY on Wednesday (October 27). Parade on Friday.
2000: Won game 5 in NY (Shea) on Thursday (October 26). Parade on Monday.

So, based on past history, if they win tonight, it will be on Friday. If they win tomorrow, it will be on Monday.
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I was just going to say: two business days after they win. In addition to smackfu's stat's, the Giants 2008 parade followed the same logical. The parade was late morning.
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The parade will be on Broad Street, in Philadelphia.

Seriously, though, the second business day after the win is typical. The first business day after is just too soon to get things together (although at least in this case there wouldn't be travel involved) and the players want to get back to their off-season homes so they want to get things done reasonably soon.

Finally, how is New York City's budget? The mayor of Philadelphia said the city's not paying for a parade if the Phillies win; it's possible that the mayor of New York said something similar.
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We got a bajillionaire for a mayor! Bloomberg said there's money for a parade.
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They just announced on the radio that it will be Friday at 11AM starting at the Battery and parading up the Canyon of Heros to City Hall.
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Official info here, including how to order tix for public seating at the ceremony (hint: act now).
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