What Does The Word SLACKER Mean To You?
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Do-Gooder Needs Help With Amusing Slackronym!

I am thinking of starting a website that would feature local people in Northern New England who have valuable job skills or passions that are lying dormant because of the economic downturn.

I want to entitle it SLACKER.com or something similar, but am having trouble aligning a SLACKER acronym (slackronym?) with it.

Ideally the Slackronym should embody the following:
- underused, valuable local resources.
- a commitment to making the world a better place through your passions.
- the idea that enormous possibilities are going unnoticed in our communities because no one is hearing about what people can offer.

Any creative, witty or sarcastic help with fitting words into a SLACKER acronym would be great. Bonus points for turning the whole "GET A JOB, ASSHOLE!" rhetoric on its ear that the far-right wingnut Tea Party folks use.
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"S.L.A.C.K.E.R.: So Lazy, whatever."
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somethingsomething Economic Recession
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Best answer: Screwed over
Attempting to
K-street imposed
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Seeking Life Amid Crotch-Kicking Economic Recession
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FYI K-Street
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Best answer: Sharing Labour and Common Knowledge Enhancing Resources
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Recession victims c======== don't like this much, maybe Re-employ Us! or "Reduced to welfare" (playing to the people who see it as "slacking", but maybe not ideal).
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Best answer: Stop
Knock out [not ideal]
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Somebody Looking Actively Could Kick/Kill Economic Recession
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You could make it Somebody Looking Actively Could Kiss Economic Recession Good-bye, and have the URL "slackergoodbye", or use Knock Out like sueinnyc said, and it "slackerout," or something like that.
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Best answer: So
Collaboratively to
Kick the Ass of the

Collaboratively with
Kindness for
Everyone in the
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Response by poster: Note to Universe: Never Underestimate The Power of a Hivemind.

I love everyone who's contributed to this thread and all who will contribute. Your suggestions are FANTASTIC. Me and my hundred typewriter monkeys are gobsmacked.
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Response by poster: riffing:
Seacoast Leaders Are Creating Kindness in Economic Recession.
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Best answer: Not to spoil the acronymic fun, but are you sure "slacker" is a good choice for what you're talking about? It connotes voluntary laziness, which doesn't fit with your concept at all, not even in an ironic-opposites kind of way.

Also note the existing slacker.com domain isn't going to expire until 2018, so unless this recession lasts a long time...

I feel like a bit of a stick in the mud pointing this out, and maybe I just don't Get It, but as someone who lives in your target area and fits your target audience to a T, I'd find the name "slacker" very off-putting, no matter how clever the acronym.
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Response by poster: Ook - you bring up a great point, and one that I was planning on investigating later on. I think I even came up with Slacker.com because I'd SEEN Slacker.com.

You also have another good point in too much negative connotation with this.

So I put it to you, Ook (and all Hive-itude): let's brainstorm another way of looking at this. What handle can you come up with that is:

a. funny, short and memorable,
b. speaks to the need for recognizing the talent that is going to waste in this economy,
c. catchy enough to draw your attention to a poster/card/announcement seen in public that would get you interested enough to submit your story or pitch in?
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I would start with a domain search trying to find what's available that could work for what you want to do. I had to do this recently, and it's harder than you would think. Nothing is more frustrating than having a kick-ass name to discover you can't use it. Once you have a list of possible domains, then you can narrow it down from there.

Of course, you need something to plug into your domain search so I would suggest free-writing adjectives or phrases that could describe the site you want to create. For example: scrappy, pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, hidden gems, hidden talents, so much to offer, resourceful, helpful, and so on. Also, the thesaurus is your friend. It will help you make connections you may not have considered on your own and hone in on the subtleties that make it the exact right word or phrase you want to use. Good luck!
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One more thing, as I started to navigate away from this page, these lyrics from Sure Shot by the Beastie Boys came into my head: "Well you say I'm twenty something and should be slacking/But I´m working harder than ever and you could call it macking." I don't know if that helps you at all, but I thought I would throw it out there in case it jump-starts a train of thought.
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a la katmcd's comment: "Bootstrap Pullers" sounds like a good name for something, methinks. (but not acronym friendly I guess)
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Response by poster: NikitaNikita - you bring good juju: anyone here dig the idea of: bootstrapped.com?
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Maybe something like this?

Preventing the
Waste of
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For what it's worth, bootstrapped.com is also already taken. You should probably add to your list:

d) not already registered as a domain
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