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WaterSportFilter: I want to buy a small versatile Kayak like watercraft. I have different (competing?) things I'd like it to do (Paddle AND Row; single and tandem riders) can I get all of this into one boat? Are there available modifications? What should I get?

I got a chance to use "hybrid, open top ocean kayak / canoe" at the coast a few weeks ago. It was amazing. I want to get one but I know very little about kayaks and similar craft.

What I would like to use it for:

1)Exploring various waterways: Lakes, Coastlines, Rivers--NOT whitewater.
3)Exercise (see below)
4)Eventually it may be an extra tender when I get a larger Sailboat.

As two added twists I have these additional requirements:

First - I will often use this boat by myself, but it MUST be able to accept a second paddler/passenger,

Second - This is more wishful thinking I believe, but, while I like paddling most of the time just fine, I'd really like to have a modular retrofit or add-on or something (??) so I can use the craft as something like a recreational shell rowing setup as well. Mostly for the exercise (I hear that rowings gives a good full body workout) and because it seems more elegant. But to be clear, I don't intend to race or anything, and it is OK if the "performance" of this aspect of the boat is compromised.

I expect that last requirement forces me to buy a completely separate boat, in which case I can do without it, but if possible I'd like to get all of this in one packager (or maybe with a little custom fabrication on my part?).

Thoughts, recommendations?
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How big of a boat can you handle space and weight wise?
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I think a canoe is the most versatile craft that can handle additional passengers. Boats this size aren't very expensive; lots of boats on craigslist.
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Hobie kayaks can be paddled but have a pedal-power option if you are flexible on the rowing requirement.
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We have a Yole (scroll part-way down), which meets many of your criteria. It takes about 2 minutes to convert it from one- to two- person use. I've never paddled it, but I bet you could do it.
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The SOAR line of inflatable canoes fits your criteria. My friend has a SOAR 16 that I've paddled around a lake in. Lots of accessories are available including a couple rowing setups.
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