Am I still ruptured or what?
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My hernia operation didn't remove my discomfort. In fact, it's worse. What else could be wrong?

I had a bilateral inguinal hernia repair. Four months later, I'm back at work. When I strain or lift heavy things, my scrotum starts to swell over my left testicle and I start to feel bad.

Since lifting and straining are everyday things for me at work, I've been hurting for the past few days.

What else could this be? I've been checked several times by a few doctors since my operation, and they say I don't have a hernia anymore. Is there something else down there I could have torn or broken? Getting an erection, by the way, also makes this feeling worse.

I understand you are not my doctor; I'm more looking for things to explore with my doctor when I get back onshore.
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Give it a few more months before you draw any conclusions. Abdominal wall trauma (including surgery) takes a LONG time to heal.
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There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing this pain. This article has some good information on "POST HERNIORRHAPHY PAIN SYNDROME"
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Have you been to the Hernia Forum?
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