How to send a fax via internet without a phone line or number?
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I need to send a fax, right now, without a phone line or a fax machine.

I'm applying for a job and the only way specified to send a resume is via fax.

I don't want to sign up for a plan. I don't want to pick out a number, which makes something like efax not what I want. What I want to be able to do is go to a webpage, have a way to browse my harddrive from it, pick out the document I want, and send it to a number I specify. I do not need or want to be able to receive faxes, only send them.

I need it to be pay-as-I go or free, but it cannot have ads or look tacky (since it's for a job application).

I'm finding it hard to believe that something like this does not exist, but everything I can find wants me to sign up for a plan or wants me to have a phone line hooked up to my computer, which I don't.

So far the best option I'm seeing is faxitnice, but I can't tell if it has ads.

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Go to Kinkos?
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Best answer: For $1.99 you can use FaxZero to send faxes without ads.
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When I worked at an apartment complex, we would send faxes for residents - it may not apply to you, but if so you might want to ask at your leasing office if they would do that.
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I don't know if you live in an urban or rural area, but there's a place on my corner that ships stuff via every courier and has PO Boxes (but they're not USPS boxes, it's more of a generic situation) will fax stuff for me for a dollar a page. Maybe you have something like this nearby?
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We have a stationary supply store that does this. Even our drug store will also do it. Shoppers in Canada. I think a lot of the stationary stores would. What is on the page is what the recipient receives. No ads! Its very easy and painless. A small fee of course. And I do mean small.
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I've known convenience stores that had fax machines -- sure it'll be outrageously expensive, but it's an option.
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Slightly off topic but Kinko's is no more. You can send a fax from the FedEx store.
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You can also send a fax from Office Depot, if you've got one nearby.
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Response by poster: To everyone suggesting kinkos, office depot, etc., thanks, but I guess I should have been more specific that I want to be able to do it from my computer.

The pay service for faxzero is the closest match so far. (I did not realize you could pay and have no ads.)
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Best answer: I've been using Fax1 for years and have been very happy. No client necessary; you can send via email or their web interface.
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I haven't used it, but the reviews are favorable for Fax4Outlook and looks like they have two weeks free trial. It's only for Windows.
What computer do you have?
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MaxEmail is another good one.
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Violet Hour wants to stay on the computer, but another good option, I've found, is motels. They have fax machines, are up at all hours, and are usually happy to fax something for you if you ask nicely.
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I've used popfax with good results.
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I've happily used the FaxItNice per-page send-only service (which requires a minimum $20 initial deposit, which doesn't expire) and there are no ads. The one-off service at $4.99 is expensive by comparison, though.
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I use pamfax, but I also use skype quite frequently.
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i've used for 10 years now.
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