eeeew, that tile is tacky...
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There is a tacky (as in sticky) film on top of my newly installed tile floor. Help me make it go away! (the tacky film, not the tile floor, mind you)

Just had a professional, total rip-out and reinstall of a real tile floor (as opposed to vinyl tiles) in my kitchen, hallway, guest bathroom. I waited the requisite time, plus 2 days, for everything to be set and sealed and dried and ready to go. Then last night I gave it a good scrubbing with the same tile floor detergent I used on my old floor. Then a thorough rinsing.

Now there is a subtle sticky-ness to the entire surface. I realize I will have to clean it all again, but how do I make the stickiness go away?

I heard that some suggest vinegar for cleaning tile, but the smell of vinegar makes me gag, and I have guests coming tomorrow night, and I have concerns about the odor.

Thanks in advance!
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Call the installer and ask for advice.
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What about using apple cider vinegar?
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in general I noticed that when vinegar dries, it looses almost all of it's smell. (I do a lot of silk dyeing with vinegar).

You could also use vinegar to get rid of the sticky residue and then rinse the vinegar off with water
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Go easy on the vinegar, as the acids in it don't play nice with the grout in between the tiles (assuming your installer used real, cement-based grout, not fake glue-grout from a bucket). Acids weaken the cement.

Ask your installer, for sure. Find out what they used to install and grout, as well as what they sealed the tiles with -- it might be the sealant wasn't wiped clean enough when they finished up.
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Goo Gone?
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