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Who are the best/your favorite not-well-known artists on

I like browsing through BandCamp's artists page, finding gems (i.e. not that famous artists) and listening to the music, but I know I'm missing a lot of good music. So far I've stumbled upon good music from Mary Fleming (classical), Detroit CYDI (Hip Hop), 20-minute Loop (Rock), The Crowd (Hip Hop). I know about Diz Gibran and Del.

Who is your favorite artist on BandCamp, or a really good artist you've heard on BandCamp? Looking mostly for music with lyrics, but anything is fine as long as it is GOOD. Bonus points for artists that allow free downloads.
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Best answer: sophie madeleine
jenni alpert
mandy lauderdale
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Best answer: Glen Phillips (and his side projects RemoteTreeChildren, Plover, and WPA)

Humphreys & Keen
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Catherine AD
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Touch Committee (rock)
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Best answer: Dunno how well-known he is, but I like Chico Mann a lot.
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Best answer: My Band! My Band! My EP! Free! Super-high quality free too!

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