Online tool for planning and visualizing project pipelines?
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Is there a web-based app that lets you plan project pipelines, and set up pipeline templates and associated tasks for common project types?

I love the functionality of Daylite and Contactizer for Mac, but they don't live in the cloud, and their syncing is problematic or in the case of the latter, non-existent. For my small, sometimes remote team, this is a no-go.

But I love the pipeline visualizations and associated task templates they both offer. No other solutions, including Basecamp, Omnifocus, etc, offer this.

Here's an image of the pipeline view I'm talking about.

Suggestions for an online replica of this type of functionality? Any alternative suggestions?
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I think Agile Zen may be the closest to what you want.
It's built around a lean project management process, and you can customize how many steps there are in the workflow.
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not sure if this is what you mean but try
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