Where was Mr. Show filmed (besides Los Angeles, obviously.)
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Does anyone know what studio/ stage the majority of Mr. Show was filmed in? I think the first season, or at least the first episode, was filmed in a different location than the rest of the series. Curious as to where that was as well.
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I'm reasonably sure it was at the HBO Workspace; I can call someone who worked on the show tomorrow to confirm if no one else chimes in to state definitively in the meantime.
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According to the wonderful Mr. Show: What Happened?, the first "season" of four episodes were shot at the Hollywood Moguls nightclub; everything else was on a set on the KTLA lot.
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Ah - Hollywood Center Studios/KTLA is the actual name of the studio.
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2nd-ing Hollywood Center Studios for the later episodes. I attended a taping of an episode from season 4 there.
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Yep, just heard back from my buddy -- some of the Mr. Show material was intitially developed at the Workspace, since a number of the performers worked there a lot (which I assume is why it stuck in my head), but the show itself was indeed shot at Hollywood Center Studios.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I had just watched the faux-talk show "Delongpre" (like the street) sketch, so I kind of assumed Mr. Show was shot somewhere near it.
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Heh. I just drove past Delongpre this morning, and -- as always -- I heard David Cross in the back of my head yelling "ooh! ooh! Delongpre!"
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