Modern TV Needed
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Help me find a new LCD television for my modern guest bedroom.

I currently have the Samsung LN-S3252D in my master bedroom. It's white. It's sexy. I love it. I need another one (or similar) for my guest bedroom. Since that TV is about four years old, I was hoping to get an upgraded model. Has Samsung discontinued this model? I can't find the LN-S* series anywhere. I was hoping that Samsung would have a new version of the same design out by now but no luck.

I'm willing to buy a different TV but do not want to compromise on the design. Has anyone stumbled upon any great looking, modern flat 32" panels out there?
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By design I'm assuming you mean its color.

Every flat panel I've seen lately has been black. Perhaps this model is being sold on eBay or Craigslist?
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Also, Crutchfield's site indicates that it has been discontinued; however, the link I provide here tells you how to get in touch with them. They are responsive to customer inquiries and may know of a similarly colored flat panel.
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Something on this page might work.
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Response by poster: I'm not exclusively looking for a white tv (although I like the design of my current white tv). If you notice, the edges are rounded on my current set as well. The finish is high-gloss. I'm interested in all well-designed flat panels that anyone can point out for the modern home.
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Well, LG's flat screens are high gloss and black...
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The shape and finish of it kind of reminds me of Sharp's Aquos line, actually, although those are black.
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Last year, I got a 26-inch Samsung (model number is LN26A450) which looks great. There's a 32-inch model in the same line, and it's got the same body style as mine. You could probably find it relatively cheaply now, since it's not the newest model. Worth checking out.
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Sony has a couple of award-winning designs as does Toshiba. Perhaps outsized for a guest bedroom, but I also found this flat-panel TV stand.
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