Looking for information about kayaking near Gardiner, NY.
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Looking for information about kayaking near Gardiner, NY.

I'm thinking about buying a vacation property near Gardiner, NY in Ulster County and am looking for some info/advice about kayaking opportunities in the area, which would be a priority for me. I would appreciate specific info - thanks in advance!
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There's a few nice places really close to Gardiner, like the Wallkill River and Rondout Creek. There's also Tivoli Bays across the river near Bard College and many other small bodies that are fun and easy to get to (Black Creek is one). Moodna Creek is another. There's a bike store in Wappinger Falls that used to sell kayaks and the owners know a lot of places near Newburgh. (Wheel and Heel is the store)

Can't say about white water, but the Wallkill floods almost every spring and inundates a wide area. I'll bet there are some fun areas at high water time.
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Might try asking on this site. Lots of experts
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Beautiful country. It's been a while, but my understanding and personal experience is that the Wallkill is contaminated by sewage.

I'm thinking run-off from an area treatment plant? I have no details. But I remember from college dayz that my clothes + sneakers STANK after a dip in the Wallkill, and all the New Paltz kidz knew that sh*t was taint.

I've since been an avid kayaker. I vote NO to the Wallkill.
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