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What's the best platform for a local community news and events site?

I've volunteered to set up a site which will serve as a news source, events calendar, and community hub for an area encompassing three or four small cities. I've done personal blogs, and a single-area blog in Blogger, but for this larger project I'd like to expand my options. Is Wordpress a better way to go?

Are there other platforms I should look at? I know Ning is dead or dying (or so I've heard) but it seemed to have the flexibility to do something like this. I don't mind learning a new system, but I'm not a programmer, so I don't feel ready to build a site from scratch. Ideally, there is a pre-existing community news platform that I can customize to be exactly what is wanted.

Also, do you know of any local blogs or community news sites that are well-designed and useful that I could look at as reference?

Many thanks in advance!
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Ning does not really differentiate new content.

Take a look at Magnolia Voice, done in WordPress.

My Ballard, also in WordPress, just won a 2009 Online Journalism Award from the Online News Association.

Sleepless in Magnolia is done with Ning. (The creator used to not have Ning in the domain name.)
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Wow, I did not even know you were in Seattle when I answered the question! So, I imagine you've already seen these.
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I do not know what platform is used, but I think this neighboring town's site is clean and easy to read.
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You could contact them to ask.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Drupal yet.

One of the better-known Drupal-based community sites is the Coulee Region Online, which has events and info plus blogs and forums.

LADrupal, a site for LA Drupal users, also features news and events, along with job postings.

Drupal is known for having a serious learning curve, but it has all kinds of great community features out of the box (the core feature set includes regular article-type content posts, blogs, forums, and polls) - plus hundreds and hundreds of free plugins (known as "modules" in the Drupal world) if you need additional features.
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